The virtual world is without a doubt the cutting-edge norm of the modern society. It helps us in so many ways when it comes to work productivity and efficiency, entertainment, data storing, and many more. Most likely, it is also a world-changing era where all people communicate in the easiest way as we can conceive. Computers and smartphones became a globally renowned product of our generation. It works hand in hand with the creation of the applications to enhance the usage of these devices.

According to Julian Hall, an author of a best-selling book of Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur, “Knowledge is useless without consistent application”. Just like a smartphone, it will not be a “smart” phone without the mobile applications, considering that these devices are now the compact “personal computers”. How exactly can people create a smartphone app that will help us in so many ways as we can imagine? Here are the Mobile App Development methods that you can generate:


  • Find your purpose

Initially you want to create an app which is a given but for what purpose? In this step, you need to think outside the box what exactly is the use of your app. Identify a specific need in order for you to start the program. There are many categories such as Music, Sports, Communication, and many more.



  • Study your plan

In this area, you will likely need to gather your concepts and start doing some research. You will need to write everything as you will need a rough plan or perhaps a blueprint as your guide on what platforms or what type of application you will need for different types of operating systems. From this step forward, you need to also consider your finances, your release date and your marketing strategy.




  • Analyze your market

At this point, you will need to perhaps conduct a survey or segregate the needs of the people who will use your app. In this way you will understand your product. We have to remember that you need to believe that everyone will need what you will create for them.



  • Create your app

UI designing will be your focus here. People need the simplest way and design and creating a minimalist app will be your key to success. Avoid making it complicated and try to compress the usage of your buttons or tabs so it will be sleek and pleasing. Look for concepts and make sure that you will end up creating your own design. Tutorials is also needed so people can easily analyze and become familiar to your interface.



  • Consider the app type

There are things to deliberate on how you can design and create your app. First type is the Native Mobile application wherein you want your app to run directly from the smartphones. It is a Smartphone or Operating System platform based type of app which can be downloaded from the App store or market. This type of app can use the hardware functions of a device optimally which can handle multiple and compound functionalities. Keep in mind that it should work not only on Android Devices, it should include IOS and many more. Second type will be a Web-based Mobile application wherein the program will run directly from the smartphone’s web browser. This will not be installed on the device itself and it can work on any device that has a web browsing capability. It is way simpler and your only market is for the people to remember its website link.



  • Create your preliminary app model

It’s time to put your idea and have the working model. This will be your practice ground so make sure to find time and explore all the pros and cons of your prototype. You can either develop it on your own or perhaps sell the idea to a certain enterprise that will develop it more. In this moment, you have to consider the licensing of your app and next should be the process of marketing your app.



  • Beta testing

This is an important approach to effectively market your application. You can either do the beta testing or get someone to help you. This is where you need to analyze how you can maintain your app running smoothly and identify and fix the bugs that will bring it down. Always remember that even after you made it a successful app, updates are always needed to pacify the complaints of your consumer. Listen to their feedbacks.



  • Release the application

The moment that you are waiting for. Find the perfect schedule to set it out. Make sure people will be aware of its existence. Demonstrate the functions. Create and execute your marketing strategies that you have planned for months. Make sure everything is all set.



  • Study your demographic

This is the monitoring period. Make sure you have all the tools needed to find out the pros and cons of your release app. This includes what areas, the time the app is mostly used, the common errors, the best features people use, and many more. It is easier nowadays to rate the apps once it is on the market already and all you need to do is to observe it regularly.



  • Enhance the features

As you can see, people initially want a simple and smooth app with great functionalities. This is a never-ending process and in order for you to become more prosperous, find ways to develop it more by enhancing its features. This will be the updates that you need to do constantly especially if your app is critical to bugs and sudden crashes.



These will be the list of things you need to do to create a successful application. Make use of your resources and become the most successful Mobile App Developer that you can be. Continuously spread the news and make people use your application and appreciate their feedbacks and recommendations as much as you can so they will promote it for you without you knowing it.

created by Russel Jamon | ctto: photos


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