In this day and age, most of us search and find products over the internet. Charming it is because as a consumer in this era where technology is a number one source of information of almost everything, we tend to “consult” in order for us to gather enough resources and details of a certain merchandise before we even buy it. Sometimes we also take advantage of discounts and perks we can get if we purchase it online or even at store since it is convenient and convincing for us rather than going to your relatives and ask a question if this product is safe and effective or what not. 

Clearly, it is revolutionizing our way of saving efforts, and money. I myself, like searching products on the internet. It helps me most especially if I need to gain some information on a certain pros and cons which I would totally need to do first. I even admit comparing the prices that online or stores itself before I purchase the product I need but sometimes, I end up still buying it at the stores. Consumers nowadays even like those brands produced by their favorite stores. I like some of it personally. Everybody thinks that whatever comes on Google, Yahoo search or any other search engines they use, white labeled merchandises or sometimes, “generic brands” are way cheaper, the most effective and trusted. Study shows that if you cannot market a certain product effectively, regardless of how long the brand lasted, people won’t buy it. That’s where the White Label SEO comes in. 

This is a certain marketing strategy of a certain product or services in which it is produced by a certain corporation and have another enterprise, sometimes the popular ones sell it for you. In short, re-branding people! As a consumer, sometimes we do not really care about this as long as the product is good. The only thing that this will become a worst nightmare for almost everybody is the certain quality of the product that messed up really bad, made your mind-set that you will hate it for the rest of your life, you buy a different brand and become surprised that it is the same quality as your first product. Disappointing it is. But nowadays, it is really hard to know whether a certain brand is different from the others. Initially, we are occasionally unaware of this scenarios because we all just check if the prices are “good enough for ya”. It is concerning that a company will allow to rebrand their products just to key into the market and get higher profit. That’s just one out of many possibilities. Well, we cannot blame them. But check it out. Those companies will probably do this due to a lack of tactics to sell their services or products. It’s harder if your brand cannot become a monopoly in the market which is the vision of almost all companies. 

White labeling should be considered a frantic move, a last resort feasibly. It’s like asking someone to sell your makeup products because she’s way beautiful than you. You technically lose control on how you can manage the certain manufactured goods itself since you decided to make a partnership with another company which has all the strategies that you do not have. Then all you can only do is to tell them what you desire to do with the product or how long it will last in the market and they will do the job selling and publicizing it either at the market or online and get all the praises they want. Naturally as the inventor or maybe the initial producer of the product, you will feel regretful since you want to be recognized mainly by inventing the product and you cannot tell consumers that you did a magnificent job if the product is a top-notch. Seriously, as the maker of the merchandise, this is something that needs to be addressed. 

There are many other possibilities aside from White Labeling SEO. It is a good strategy if your losing your hopes and dreams of becoming the leader of a certain merchandise or service. But if it’s not the end of your marketing world, try not to do it. Turn on your brilliant mind and focus on the ways of obtaining the profits you need without selling right away your moralities and own all the money that you initially want in the first place.

created by Russel Jamom| ctto: photos


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