Watching movies is no doubt a highly popular hobby that most of us look forward every now and then. We tend to spend a lot of our moments looking for a certain genre to satisfy us in any purpose that it serves us. Some of us watch a specific category or wait for the new releases. I personally find it very amusing and there are greater reasons why I want to watch a specific movie. It’s either to inspire me, or to become aware, or just to pick it up to spend some time with my friends or to fulfill a relaxing weekend or day off. All aware of the plot twist or story lines, we tend to think that a certain film creates a remarkable impact to us. Study shows that it conveys ideas and trigger our minds to release a certain emotion which can either be good or bad. Here are some movies that made a great impact mentally.

  • The Devil Wears Prada

The movie that made us realize that cerulean is “not just another blue”. It’s a simple story of a girl who just recently graduated and got accepted on a Fashion Magazine job as an assistant to the Creative Editor. Having a dream of being a journalist shocked her since she got assigned to do an all-around assistant which made her almost quit due to the fact that she’s working with a very strict and “monster-like boss”. This movie showed us how difficult a job can be regardless how it is very appealing at start. It also shows how scary the corporate world can be that made some realize that a simple job might kill you in just a snap. I heard a story that after they watched it they felt that they should never get a job anymore which is very unsettling. I personally like how they presented the reality of working as an employee and how serious we need to work on tasks that we were assigned to do. It entails the possibility of how your commitment can land you a good impression and your stature as an employee can become very impressive if your dedication is solid.


  • X-Men

The mutants with powers. This is one of the most popular movie under the fantasy genre. It consists of people with a “mutant side” of them, with special skills and powers to either fight or save the earth or whatever they want to save out of. This came out from a comic book and triggers out a certain admiration to the point that we all want to become a superhero with great powers to fight the crime. Funny it is that it greatly made an appeal not just to kids. Comic-based movies tackle the concept of reality but with a little twist of being with people who exhume a fantastical capability which is odd but poetic. Have you ever realized that this kind of movies made you feel like you want to show people how strong you can be despite of danger and the probability that you can become violent to someone you don’t like or being mean to you? That’s right. And the amusing plot twist, it is a movie that targets young audience. Amazing indeed. Clearly this also made us that being different is a normal thing but you have to make a certain move for the society to accept you.


  • Mean Girls

High school moments. One of the best feelings that you can just imagine the whole day with of course, your high school buddies. Mean girls targets young adults clearly because it is a story of a girl who became popular despite being outcast at first. If you watch it, you will imagine how awesome being on a high school level can become. This movie clearly covers “stereotype” aspects of our society. Don’t get me wrong, this movie end very well. But somehow, it is disturbing that this movie clearly shows how a person can become popular by being mean. It also covered the impacts that if you make yourself physically attractive and being with popular group of people like that will make you popular as well. Real social norms people. The title of the movie speaks for itself however, this is not just a bad movie. This film is one of the most popular like, globally indeed. It is a subtle, yet fun movie which also made us feel that it’s cool to have good friends and being true to yourself is nothing to be ashamed of.


  • Pitch Perfect

A movie with singing and performing and all. It’s like the show “Glee” without the annoying teachers and classes going on. This movie was made for people with singing talents and how awesome it will be if you will be performing with the most popular group in school. It’s a story of a girl with a musical talent who decided to join other talented girls to join a contest by singing a Capella versions of songs with a twist of them being the instruments as well. Did you notice on the movie that it is a little “sexist” in a way that the Barden University has an all-female and all-male group only. And don’t get me started by letting a daughter not to study and join clubs and become rude to his father. But the thing here is, being independent is a hard way and sometimes you will really have some family issues along the way. Sacrifices to achieve what you want. I personally got a singing talent and this made me feel that being a singer is cool. Didn’t you realize after watching this movie you want to become outstanding right away? Or perhaps you want to become a singing idol and join a contest right away? That’s right. It clearly pushes you to bring out the talent in you. Plus, the highlight here will be the harmonies of singing a Capella which is great and inspiring to learn.


  • Stigmata

This is one of the most terrifying movie I have ever watched. It’s a story of an irreligious girl who received the same condition happened to Saint Francis of Assisi after gaining a rosary which is the physical manifestation of Jesus Christ’s misery from crucifixion and this became a threat on her life since it will reveal a disturbing message that will freak out the foundation of Catholic church. But this clearly shows us that it confuses us. Is it a miracle from the heaven or the other way around. It’s a bit disturbing yet a little fascinating that this can happen to anyone, believers or not. It also shows how a person being irreligious can become good spiritually without being involved in a certain religion sect. I personally felt that I hope this won’t happen to me since I will die instantly if this will manifest me.


  • The Proposal

One of the best love story movies that I have ever watched. This is a story about a guy who works for a strict editor who suddenly got a notice that she will be deported because she failed the U.S Citizenship process. Clearly out of nowhere, she thinks that marrying his assistant will save her from being thrown out of the country so they pretended that they are a real couple and after they had a little adventure at the guy’s parents’ house, they fell in love. It’s a good feeling that you will realize that the person meant for you is just near you and this film made me realize that it can happen to everybody. A complete love story that will inspire you. Have you realized that this uncovers how living in the city versus the country side differs from each other? It also shows us how strict the country can be when it comes to citizenship. The disturbing fact is the film made you realize that you can blackmail a weak person and fake a situation just to obtain something. But this ended pretty well since they admitted their mistakes at the end.


  • Hunger Games

One of the most popular movies after millennium. It came with few more parts which is a good strategy for the movie makers. This is a story of a girl who got forced to join a game of the districts to save her little sister since it is a killing game of youths until only one remains. It was created to get away from a rebellion from the poor and just for the entertainment of The Capitol, the land of wealthy. This is a film with a very powerful message that unleash the truth of our society. It clearly shows how perhaps a government can manipulate weak people. I can say that this is on point if you are looking for a movie that discuss how the society works right now. How people fight for their survival and how a person can stand out and defeat those in power.  This is somehow disturbing since it involves a lot of tactical ways to kill a person but it also shows how a person can survive a situation that will risk your life.


  • Pretty Woman

One of the most wonderful chick flick of all time. This is a very inspiring love story between a rich man and a normal girl who works as a “hooker” and how they bumped into each other. It shows on the film the epic Cinderella-inspired concept that makes us wonder if this might happen to almost everyone. The setting is from a highly controversial, yet popular Hollywood. The story means a lot since this promotes that judging a person based on their way of living is a no! It also involves being classified in our society is an important but hurting reality. I might say that the movie was tastefully done and the actors were effective on their role. The highlight here is the moment where the girl protagonist shops for clothes and was thrown out of the store because of how she looks. It promotes the way the society stereotypes those who are below it. This film ended very well but it also made us realize that it is just another fairy tale that became a movie.


  • Fast and The Furious

A movie that makes you want to buy a car and customize it. This film is about a guy being alleged of doing a truck robbery and stealing electronic equipment. An undercover police officer tried to hunt him but fell in love with the suspect’s sister and then a sudden turn of events he made efforts to prove that the suspect is innocent. This movie greatly impacted a lot of viewers to either own a car, become a police, or to do street car racing. The thing here is the moment you want a car to do this kind of stunt, you are involving yourself to do something reckless which is a little disturbing. And this clearly shows us how a person can change his beliefs if you let your emotion overpower you. This is an awesome movie that made the car industry earn a lot and many car companies made use of it as their marketing strategy. Intriguing but remarkable indeed. This film made consists of parts that a lot of viewers enjoy until now.


  • Harry Potter

A magical film with many chapters that came originally from a novel book displayed a great impression worldwide. This is a story about a boy who became the greatest wizard who destroyed the evil but powerful sorcerer of all time. This story captivates the heart of viewers since it displayed a lot of characters and how great they are. The highlight of the movie is the settings and the effects made including some of the characters which in reality does not exist. It clearly manifests how people should work and improve their skills to achieve their goals in life. There are many disturbing things shown but I personally did not like the way they break a lot of school rules which may influence some children that it is something that they can do. But overall this will be my most favorite since a lot of things were covered including fantasy, action, love story, loyalty, family ties and many more.



These are my personal lists of movies with mental impacts. In fact, all movies have its own psychological effects to viewers. The key to discover them is to analyze and review first what is the story of the film and surely you will know how they worked it up. Keep it gradual and make sure you will pick up the moral impacts of the movies you look forward to see. If you have your own lists, share it to me so we can discuss your opinions. Hit the comments below and bring out the popcorn and drinks.

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