Smartphones became a dominating object since the millennium. It became a useful object not only in communication, as well as entertainment and data storage. Some use it for music related stuff and mostly, for photography. Well it is a clear understanding that one of the main reasons people want to own a smartphone is to take their awesome pictures. Almost everyone like their selfie photos as the main subject for their social media posts. on the other hand, there are people who got their “gizmo” to take pictures of different subjects aside of themselves.


Was there a time you wonder what subjects you can use for you IG posts and FB albums? Here are the basic lists based on my personal experience that you can pick without exerting too much effort:

Indoor Subjects

  • Food Photography

Who doesn’t want a picture of their most delicious meals? People nowadays love to shoot their breakfast, lunch, or dinner dishes. How to make it a good one without compromising the real appearance? the keyword is ” contrast” people. Try to enhance it just a little to emphasize the clarity. You can also use your camera flash to add a little effect and emphasize the subject. Try to figure out ways to avoid your “model dish” being struck with too much light. The camera flash is optional. If the place has a good “natural light”, just turn it off.



  • Figurine Photography

Thinking of using your dusty figurines at home? Why not! Lucky you if you have a house with these objects. Capture each of them with different angles. That’s right! “Angles” will be your key to success to create a wonderful shot of these displays that your mom bought from the flea market or figurine stalls for your coffee table or Sala set. Just make a couple of shots and of course, room lighting is important.



  • Toy Photography

One of the things that you can enjoy is this “childhood memories” subject for your photography. It’s time to unpack your toys from the basement of your house because this will surely brighten up your social media posts. The technique is “color enhancement” to make it appealing. Focus your subject if it’s small to make a “huge illusion” look. It’s best if you will put it on a background that will emphasize the toy itself. You can be more creative if you put your toys together and create a short story out of it.



  • Wall Decors Photography

Now is the time for you to flaunt those disappointing wall displays that you got as an exchange gift from your Christmas party. Either it’s a huge framed-photo of something that you don’t understand or a picture frame itself can become your photography subject. The applicable technique here is “lighting management”. Try to experiment lighting the desk lamp or a flashlight and allow to bounce it on the subject to make a dramatic shot.


  •  Sala Décor Photography

Let’s get some perspective here. What makes you think your antiques cannot become a subject of your indoor portfolios? Say hello to your living room decorations and perhaps, make them your model for your cover photo. The appropriate tip to make it a stand-out shot is the focus on the “texture” as it’s main element. Try to make an impressive shot and find your preferred angle to make it alluring.



Now we’re done with some basic indoor subjects for your albums. It’s time to pack your bags and unleash your creative photographer ideas. Let’s go outdoor.


Outdoor Subjects

  • Tree Photography

What makes nature photography a stand-out is picking “a tree” as your subject. Nature lovers love taking pictures of this beautiful creation. You can use a single tree as your subject and make a lot of pictures out of it. You can also create ideas to make it just a secondary subject and have a person model for you on the shoot. If you want just the tree as your model, the key here is “focusing”. Either you focus on the branches, the leaves, the roots, whatever you want.



  • Leaf Photography

This is the funny part. Do not go far anymore just to create a different subject. Leaf photography is included on the nature’s finest list for your photography. There are tons of varieties that you can choose from these beautiful “work of art”. One out of many best ways to take this kind of shot is to make it “monochromatic”. Either you shoot bunch of grass leaves, or point your camera to focus it’s different color pigment or a dramatic shot of a lifeless leaf and put down your most emotional quotation that you can get out of your system.



  • Flower Photography

Some say that the most beautiful subject of photography will be flowers. Yes it is! No need to go far beyond the planet just to get a shot of this gorgeous object. A great idea to make it “one of your best” is to avoid a “cluttered” background. Keep your subject closer and make a focus adjustment to bring out the color and the texture. The wind is your enemy on this kind of photography so be more patient. You can experiment too by getting a shot during early night time and turn your flash on.



  • Sea Photography

You have to respect the sea. Of course. Most especially if you did not include it to your photography subject. There are oceans and sea everywhere and of course, you are lucky enough if you often travel. The most common thing to consider is how wide your shot will be. The best technique to obtain an amazing shot is to consider the “time of the day”. In this matter you will obtain a “crystal clear” photo without too much editing. You can also play around with it a little if you include other elements in your picture like the mountains or the clouds.



  • Fauna Photography

The best of the nature shots can be obtained with the help of our friends from the “Kingdom Animalia”. Fauna shots can be a variety of animals depending on the place where you live. The best way to avoid exerting too much effort is to find the easiest subject, “insects”. Get ready to flaunt your “macro lenses” to make a very intriguing and amazing shots of your subject. Zoom it depending on your preference and of course. Avoid distracting them since they got an attitude of a diva if they got bored which is to “walk away”.



Well there you go, the basic lists to get an easy subject with the easiest access for your mobile photography. There are many other things you can experiment too like combining two subjects together or creating a whole concept of yours to create a fantastic photographs. Hit subscribe to get more of photography tips. I would love to hear your comments. Let’s share some ideas together. Grab your phone and get ready, set, SHOOT!
created by RJ Jamon


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